This Ramadan, transcend the usual Iftar and Suhoor gatherings, and embrace a new corporate tradition!

Dive into a realm where fitness meets festivity, where each step becomes a celebration, and wellness intertwines seamlessly with the spirit of Ramadan.

Choose from an Array of Exciting Activities for your Employees!

Level Up with sports!

Stride to Wellness!

Boost Mind and Body!

Unleash the Sports Spectacle and Experience the Thrill of Competitive Sports!

Join the Fitze Ramadan Sports Fest 2024!

Compete with leading corporates across the UAE in a thrilling sports extravaganza that goes beyond the ordinary.

Encourage your employees to showcase their skills, foster team spirit, and experience the adrenaline of competing on a grand stage.

With 7 sports, 800+ employees, and 30+ corporates, it’s the ultimate platform to drive camaraderie and corporate competitiveness.

Looking for something more exclusive?

Host a Private Sports Tournament tailored for your team!

Curated exclusively for your employees, private tournaments offer a personalized touch, fostering team bonding and employee morale.

Provide an opportunity for your employees to shine in their chosen sports, creating lasting memories within the close-knit community of your organization.

Embrace the exclusivity and make fitness a vibrant part of your workplace culture.

Embark on a Journey of Fitness and Compassion!

Step into fitness with Fitze’s Corporate Steps Challenges – an adventure where every step makes a difference.

Host an exclusive Corporate Steps Challenge on Fitze for your employees.

Choose the challenge format that best suits your corporate culture.

Opt for team-based challenges fostering healthy competition and team spirit among departments and/or regional and global teams. Alternatively, set the stage for personal excellence through individual challenges as employees compete for the top spot on the LIVE leaderboard displayed on the app.

Encourage a lifestyle change and witness the positive transformation within your organization.

Seamlessly Integrate Charity into your Corporate Steps Challenge on Fitze.

Amplify the impact of your wellness initiative by incorporating a charitable component.

Pledge to charity based on collective steps taken by your employees, turning strides into acts of kindness.
Choose to partner with Dubai Cares or select a charity close to your corporate values.

Join us in making a meaningful difference through fitness and charity, creating a positive ripple effect within and beyond your organization.

Revitalize Your Workplace with Mindful Fitness!

Elevate employee well-being with In-Office Fitness and Wellness Sessions designed exclusively for your team.

Customized sessions that align with the fasting period during Ramadan, promoting fitness, focus, and productivity without overwhelming the body.

These tailored sessions bring a sense of mindfulness to your workplace, fostering a culture of well-being and creating a positive impact on employee morale.

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Ready to Ignite Wellness and Fun this Ramadan?

Take the first step towards a healthier workplace culture by joining Fitze’s exciting challenges and events this Ramadan season.

Embark on a journey of fitness, camaraderie, and positive change!