What is Fitze?

Fitze is a fitness-rewards based application, where we literally reward you for getting healthy

Why should I use Fitze?

Instead of working out for free, why not unlock some discounts and offers while you burn some fat. It sounds like a win-win!

Where can I use my Fitze coins?

The Fitze coins you have earned can be used in the marketplace within the application to redeem some great discounts and offers.

After how many steps can I earn a Fitze Coin?

The equation is simple, for every 1000 steps you earn a Fitze coin.

Can I use my Fitze coins for cash?

No, Fitze coins cannot be exchanged for cash (unfortunately).

Can I transfer my Fitze coins?

No, you cannot transfer fitze coins to another person, each coin has to be earned.

Is there a limit to the amount of Fitze coins I can earn?

There is no limit to the fitze coins you can earn, go crazy!

What are challenges?

These are branded challenges, where you have to achieve a pre-set goal in order to unlock an exclusive reward.

What if I fail a challenge?

It’s okay if you fail a challenge, your efforts will never go for waste as you will still accumulate fitze coins where you can redeem discounts in the marketplace.

How to un-authorize from Huawei Health?

Go to Settings > HUAWEI ID > Privacy center > Control account access. Select the Fitze app to cancel the authorization.