Unleash Your Ultimate Winning Potential!
  • WALK 10kSteps/Day
  • SAVE 10xAED/Year
  • WIN 100xAED Worth of Giveaways

Upgrade to Fitze Pro


  • Earning Fitze Coins
  • Join Unlimited Steps Challenge
  • Exclusive PRO Rewards
  • Fitze Jackpots

    (Weekly, Monthly & Annual)

  • Earn a PRO Badge

Fitze Basic

  • Up to 5/day

Fitze PRO

Billed Monthly

Billed Annually

AED 29

Billed Monthly

AED 299

AED 149

Billed Annually


Unleash Your Ultimate Winning Potential!

Dive In And Experience The PRO Perks Firsthand.

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Same Fitze,
Different Devices

Fitze can be seamlessly synced across different health and wellness apps, including Google Fit, Apple Health, and HUAWEI Health, and is compatible with Fitbit and Garmin smartwatches.

Available to download on:

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