Earn Coins By Walking

We Literally Reward
You To Move

Download Fitze, start walking and earn coins with every step you take. The more steps you take, the more coins you’ll earn, and the more rewards you’ll unlock.

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Small Steps.
Bigger Rewards!

Win Mega Rewards, Jackpots, Exclusive Offers, and more simply by walking. Download the Fitze app, start walking and get rewarded—one step at a time.


Unleash Your Ultimate Winning Potential!

Dive In And Experience The PRO Perks Firsthand.

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Fitze Steps Challenge

We Have Something For Everyone!

Without commitment, you will never start, but with Fitze challenges, you will never stop. Challenge yourself to join a Fitze steps challenge and win prizes and bigger rewards every week!

Take Team Building One Step Further!

Host an exclusive virtual steps challenge for your employees no matter how remotely they are based.

Boost team morale and company culture by allowing the team to come together and engage over a fun team building activity.

You can host individual or department-wise virtual races, get access to a real-time leaderboard to foster friendly competition, and incentivize the best performers, all this while promoting wellness across your organization.


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About Fitze

Fitze is a fitness rewards app in the United Arab Emirates, designed to help you incorporate wellness into your day-to-day life, while winning exciting rewards.

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Same Fitze,
Different Devices

Fitze can be seamlessly synced across different health and wellness apps, including Google Fit, Apple Health, and HUAWEI Health, and is compatible with Fitbit and Garmin smartwatches.

Available to download on:

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