Fitze is a fitness rewards app in the United Arab Emirates, designed to help you incorporate wellness into your everyday life.

Fitze converts steps into coins, which can then be redeemed for exclusive rewards. Or better yet, upon completing fitness challenges, you can have the chance to win even bigger rewards and prizes.

Fitze is free to download on Apple App Store, Google Play, and Huawei AppGallery, and is also compatible with Fitbit and Garmin smartwatches.


Our Story

Fitze is a newborn child of the parent company, Fit On Click, a UAE-based wellness and fitness service provider, founded in 2015 by power couple, Neha Samuel and Ben Samuel.

The idea of Fitze was born out of a quest to encourage people to stay fit, lead a healthier lifestyle, and get rewarded for their achievements.

Struggling to find a suitable fitness facility in his Dubai community, Ben set out to build a platform to help residents adopt a healthier lifestyle in an environment where exercise has no room in their workday schedule.

Neha and Ben are keen to break through the clutter of sameness saturating the UAE app fitness market by offering a unique and value-added product built to make a healthier impact on people’s lives.

They spotted a huge opportunity in Dubai to incentivize residents to adopt healthy living with rewards and gratification of achievement and help them reach their maximum fitness potential.

Fitze PRO

Supercharge your everyday life with PRO-POWER-UPS!

  • 1. Enter & Win Mega Jackpots
  • 2. Earn 3x Fitze Coins
  • 2. Conquer Fitze Steps Challenges
  • 4. Unlock Exclusive Rewards
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Same Fitze,
Different Devices

Fitze can be seamlessly synced across different health and wellness apps, including Google Fit, Apple Health, and HUAWEI Health, and is compatible with Fitbit and Garmin smartwatches.

Available to download on:

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