What are Fitze Jackpots?

Fitze Jackpots are exciting prize pools within the Fitze app that offer users the chance to win attractive rewards. These Jackpots feature exclusive prizes such as Cars, International Trips, Shopping Vouchers, and more. They provide a thrilling incentive to stay motivated on your fitness journey and be rewarded for your efforts.

How does the Fitze Jackpot work?

To participate in a Jackpot, users have to spend allotted coins to enter. They need to complete the step target for their tickets to mature and become eligible for the lucky draw, where they have a chance to win the Jackpot prize.

How many types of Jackpots are there?

There are three types of Jackpots available: weekly, monthly, and annual. Each offers different durations and prize opportunities for users to engage with.

How to win Jackpot tickets?

To win Jackpot tickets, it is crucial to actively walk and accumulate steps. Only matured tickets, which have met the required step target, are entered into the lucky draw, thereby increasing the chances of winning.

How many tickets can be matured in a Jackpot?

In a weekly or monthly Jackpot, users can mature one ticket. In an annual Jackpot, users can mature one ticket each month. The more tickets matured, the more opportunities there are to win.

How to participate in the weekly, monthly, and annual Jackpots?

To participate in the weekly, monthly, and annual Jackpots, simply browse the ongoing Jackpots within the app. Use the assigned Fitze coins to enter the desired Jackpot and strive to achieve the step targets to qualify for the lucky draw.

How are steps calculated in the Jackpots?

Each Jackpot has a specific start and end date. A challenge can be joined on any day while it is live and available. Fitze can retrieve your past steps data if you are an existing user and add it to your Jackpot progress. However, for new users, Fitze can only track step data from the past seven days.

Are there daily step targets in the Jackpots?

No, Jackpots have a total step target only. For example, if a Jackpot’s step target is 20,000 steps in two days, you can decide to achieve 5,000 steps on the first day and 15,000 steps on the second day.

How many Jackpots can I join as a Fitze Pro user?

As a Fitze Pro user, there are no limits to the number of Jackpots you can join. This provides you with ample opportunities to set and achieve fitness goals while aiming for bigger and better rewards.

How are Jackpot winners determined?

All matured tickets automatically enter the lucky draw. The winners are randomly selected through the app’s backend system, ensuring a fair and unbiased selection process without any human intervention.

How will I know if I am a Jackpot winner?

Fitze notifies the winners through email and in-app push notifications. We highly recommend users keep their app notifications enabled and cross-check the email ID mentioned in their Fitze profile during registration.

How do I claim my prize as a winner?

As a winner, you will have a specific timeframe, ranging from 48 hours to 4 weeks, to claim your prize within the Jackpot section of the app. It is important to note that failure to claim the reward within the time frame will result in forfeiting the prize.

What happens to the Jackpots that I am part of if my Fitze Pro subscription expires?

Even if your Fitze Pro subscription expires, you will still remain part of the ongoing Jackpots you participated in. You can continue striving to achieve the step targets and aim to win through the lucky draw, regardless of your subscription status.